The Mission of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary to the Blind is to encourage and inspire a lifetime commitment of volunteer service in young women. The Auxiliary honors qualified candidates with the Joan of Arc Medallion while raising funds for the visually impaired.

Credentials Information

Junior Medallion Picnic

St. Lucy’s Auxiliary to the Blind
Volunteer Service Guidelines for Earning the Joan of Arc Medallion


To be a Medallion candidate, a young lady must be of recognized spiritual and moral character, single, not more than nineteen years of age, and at least in her senior year of high school, at the time of presentation. Although the Ball is under the patronage of the Bishop, of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, girls of all faiths are encouraged to participate.

Send credentialed documents of service hours to:

Mrs. Kris Heinz, Credentials Chair

100 Windwood Heights Drive

Cranberry Township, PA 16066


Time Frame for Accruing Volunteer Hours

Junior Medallion candidates may officially begin to accrue the 150 volunteer service hours required, to earn the Joan of Arc Medallion, on June 1st, post their eighth-grade year.   All Junior Medallion candidates will have until May 1st, of their junior year in high school to complete the required volunteer service hours, in order to be considered as a candidate for presentation at the Medallion Ball.

It is recommended that the Junior Medallion candidates set a goal, of completing an average of 50 volunteer service hours each year, since each candidate has three full years to complete the required 150 volunteer service hours.  This includes three full summers in which to volunteer, including the summer after eighth grade, the summer after ninth grade, and the summer of tenth grade.

Candidates may complete more hours in one year versus other years, however, a minimum of 25 hours per year is required.  Please keep in mind that the high school years can be very busy, therefore it is recommended that Jr. Medallion candidates set goals, which will allow them to spread out their volunteer service hours over the three-year period allotted, for accumulating volunteer service hours.

 Documenting Volunteer Hours

All Junior Medallion candidates are required to request credentials letters from the organizations where they volunteer. The required credentials letters are letters written by the volunteer organization on their official agency letterhead confirming the volunteer hours, by listing the dates, times, and the total number of volunteer service hours performed for the organization as well as the type of work performed.

Each credentials letter must also include the signature of the coordinating supervisor overseeing the volunteer service at the respective agency or organization. Please collect the required credentials letters at the time that the volunteer services are performed and keep them in a folder until the Credentials committee requests them. This will be much easier than trying to collect them several years later.

Please also keep a log with a running total number of all volunteer service hours completed. We recommend creating an Excel spreadsheet to log the volunteer service and track the receipt of the credentials letters. Self-documenting volunteer service is not acceptable. In order to maintain integrity within the program, every effort should be made to record accurate hours and avoid overall guesstimates of bulk hours, as these will not be approved.

Junior Medallion Picnic

 Candidate Registration for the Medallion Ball Candidates

Medallion Ball classes of November 2015 and November 2016 will be registered in the spring of their junior year of high school. *Change of policy, new for Junior Medallion Ball class of 2017 and beyond: On May 1st of a candidate’s sophomore year, the Credentials committee will send a letter and registration form to all mothers of Junior Medallion candidates requesting a non-refundable Registration Fee of $300.00 and documentation verifying 100 hours of volunteer service.

The required deposit and verification of hours must be received by August 1st of that year.   If the required information is not received by August 1st, the Credentials committee will follow up with each mother, and, ultimately, a final notice will be sent via certified mail stating that the Junior Medallion candidate has been removed from the program.  In the spring of the candidate’s junior year, the Credentials committee will ask for the official volunteer credential letters on agency letterhead.

These credential letters should be submitted no later than May 1st of their junior year.   If the Candidate has any issues or questions, they should contact the Credentials committee.  If the candidate does not contact the Credential committee with the proper credential letters, the candidate will be dropped from the Medallion Ball.

 Status Checks

All Junior Medallion candidates awaiting presentation, at the Medallion Ball, must remain in good standing with St. Lucy’s Auxiliary.  In order to remain in good standing, each candidate will be responsible for completing annual status checks, initiated by the Credentials committee.

The status checks will require Junior Medallion candidates to provide an estimate of all volunteer service hours completed to date, and to provide updated contact information that is needed, in preparation for the Medallion Ball. The Credentials committee will initiate the status checks after freshman year and after sophomore year, however, the official letters will not be collected until the spring of their junior year of high school.

Failure to remain in good standing and failure to reply back to the Credentials committee during these annual status checks will result in the candidate being dropped from the program and the Medallion Ball. The Credentials Committee of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary shall be composed of five members, in good standing, and their decision as to each candidate’s eligibility shall be final. In the event there is a question as to acceptable hours, it should be addressed to the Credentials Chairman.


Many candidates select a sponsor at the time of application to the Junior Medallion program.  Any Junior Medallion candidate, who did not specify a sponsor on the application, is required to pick a sponsor from the membership of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary.

Sponsors are required to be members in good standing, for a minimum of five years, before accepting the role of sponsor.  Your sponsor will provide guidance and support throughout your Junior Medallion years. Please feel free to communicate with your sponsor on a regular basis.  Your sponsor has seniority within St. Lucy’s Auxiliary and is a good resource for answering your questions or pointing you in the right direction.

Any Junior Medallion candidate, who does not have a sponsor, should contact Megan Doyle at  Megan will arrange for a member, in good standing, to become your sponsor.

 St. Lucy’s Auxiliary Membership Requirement

 Mothers or guardians of active or qualified Junior Medallion candidates and candidates being presented are required to be active members of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary. Please visit the Membership Page for an application and for additional information.

 Junior Medallion Luncheon Meeting

 All Junior Medallion candidates are invited and honored at the Junior Medallion luncheon meeting, held in November, each year.  The luncheon is fun and provides a great opportunity to meet other Junior Medallion girls, and to learn about St. Lucy’s Auxiliary and it’s benefactor, Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh. It is also a great way to support the Auxiliary.  All Junior Medallion candidates and their mothers are encouraged to attend.

 Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh

The sole benefactor of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary to the Blind is the Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh.  St. Lucy’s Auxiliary raises funds for BVRS, at various Auxiliary events throughout the year, including the Medallion Ball.  In addition to honoring girls for their volunteer service, the Medallion Ball serves a dual purpose, it is also the main fundraiser for BVRS.

Junior Medallion candidates may earn volunteer service hours through BVRS.  Please contact Leslie Montgomery at LMontgomery@PGHVIS.ORG or 412.368.4400 to learn about this invaluable experience and opportunity to support BVRS. In the spring of 2016, BVRS is embarking on a move to 1816 Locust St. in the city’s Uptown district. This will allow the organization to consolidate two facilities into one so that all of the Pittsburgh based programs will be housed under one roof in an area that is much more easily accessed by public transportation.