The Mission of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary to the Blind is to encourage and inspire a lifetime commitment of volunteer service in young women. The Auxiliary honors qualified candidates with the Joan of Arc Medallion while raising funds for the visually impaired.

Junior Medallion Program Registration

Register for the Junior Medallion Program

Registration officially begins on May 1, 2016, for eighth-grade girls who will be in the High School Class of 2020 and Medallion Ball Class of 2019.

Registration for the Class of 2020

Please read instructions thoroughly.

For 8th Grade Girls: Request an Invitation

For 8th-grade girls who would like to request an invitation to register for the Junior Medallion Program:

  1. Please print, complete and return the “Request for Invitation for Junior Medallion 2016.”
  2. Within 6-8 weeks, if accepted, you will receive an invitation in the mail, along with a reply card, inviting you to become a Junior Medallion Candidate.
  3. You must return the reply card by the date noted on the card, along with a $100 registration fee AND your mother or female guardian MUST be or become a member of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary in order for your registration to be complete and for you to become a Junior Medallion Candidate. (see link for Membership page below)

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For Sponsors

Asked to Serve as a Sponsor

For St. Lucy’s Auxiliary Members who have been asked to serve as a sponsor by an 8th-grade girl interested in the Junior Medallion Program:

  1. Print and complete the document, “Junior Medallion Sponsor Form 2016” and return to the address noted on the document.
  2. This form can be returned separately from the “Request for Invitation for Junior Medallion 2016” form. This Sponsor form DOES NOT need to be sent at the time of Request for Invitation, please do not delay the Request for Invitation for this form, it can be sent separately and at a later date!

Form Downloads

Volunteer to Serve as a Sponsor

For St. Lucy’s Auxiliary Members who would like to volunteer to serve as a sponsor for an 8th-grade girl interested in the Junior Medallion Program who does not have a sponsor:

  1. Print and complete the document, “Volunteer to Serve as a Sponsor for girls with no sponsor” form and return to the address noted on the document.
  2. As girls are invited to become a Junior Medallion Girl, they will be assigned a sponsor if they have not been able to secure one on their own. The sponsor will introduce herself to the candidate and mentor her throughout her Junior Medallion Candidacy.

Form Downloads

Registration for the Junior Medallion Program for girls in all other classes is closed. Please direct all inquiries to for possible addition to a waitlist.

Junior Medallion Program Information

The Junior Medallion Program supports young women in their desire to become useful volunteers while making the experience enjoyable from May of their eighth-grade year through November of their senior year. St. Lucy’s Auxiliary does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color or creed.

Once a young lady is invited to join the Junior Medallion Program and completes the registration process, she will then be a Junior Medallion Candidate. If all requirements are fulfilled by hr senior year, she will be presented at the Medallion Ball in November. Only 130 young women will be accepted into the Junior Medallion Program each year.

With the guidance and encouragement of her sponsor, each year the Junior Medallion member is required to submit her volunteer hours to the Credentials Committee to ensure that she is fulfilling a minimum of 25 hours of service per year in order to attain the 150 required hours of service for presentation at the Ball. The Credentials Committee will contact the candidate when it is time to submit these hours.

Adult Membership Required

As stated above, please note that mothers or female guardians of Junior Medallion Candidates are required to become members and maintain membership in St. Lucy’s Auxiliary if their daughter is invited into the program. This membership must be maintained until the candidate is presented in her senior year.

Please visit the Membership Page to join. The annual dues are $50 and we are honored to have you as a member!


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

- Mahatma Gandhi