The Mission of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary to the Blind is to encourage and inspire a lifetime commitment of volunteer service in young women. The Auxiliary honors qualified candidates with the Joan of Arc Medallion while raising funds for the visually impaired.

Volunteer Service Guidelines

The Hanna's at the Medallion Ball

Acceptable & Unacceptable Types of Volunteer Service

Type of Service




  • Candy striper at a hospital.
  • Helping at a community library.
  • Serving in a nursing home.
  • Volunteering with a non-profit organization or CBO (Community Benefit Organization) that serves the underprivileged, a group or a need e.g. National Pancreas Foundation, Autism Speaks, etc.
  • Volunteering at BVRS
  • Any service performed for compensation.
  • Cutting grass, weeding, shoveling snow etc. unless supervised by a group or organization.
  • Volunteering to foster or adopt a pet.
  • Serving St. Lucy’s Auxiliary because volunteers must be members of the Auxiliary; Junior Medallion Candidates are not members.


  • Community service that takes place after school and is not required for school, clubs or an organization.
  • Volunteer peer tutoring after school.
  • Coaching/assisting/training athletes after school.
  • All required community service for commitments or organizations such as band, orchestra, chorus, drama, student council, and graduation, National Honor Society etc.
  • All community service that takes place during school.
  • Coaching/assisting/training athletes at a private club e.g. swim club, racquet club or country club.


  • Participation in any part of the weekly religious service e.g. altar servers, cantors, readers, etc. Serving as a teacher/helper/aide for religious education classes
  • Helping with church sponsored community activities such as food or clothing drives, etc.
  • Mission trips/work camps are limited to 40 hours per week or service


  • Driving senior citizens to polls to vote.
  • Volunteering/working for a political campaign.


  • Service to a non-profit agency or for profit CBO (Community Benefit Organization) e.g. American Heart Association, National Kidney Foundation etc.
  • Counselor at camps that serve the underprivileged, handicapped, or needy in the community e.g. YMCA Camps, The Woodlands Foundation, Girl Scout Camps Note: When in doubt, please get prior approval from the Credentials committee.
  • Helping at a fundraising walk/run.
  • Coaching/training athletes enrolled in community youth league sports.
  • Working for a profit making business, unless it is a CBO, (Community Benefit Organization), which serves the community.
  • Counselor at camps that do not serve the underprivileged, handicapped, or needy e.g. private camps or some camps held at private schools. Note: When in doubt, please get prior approval from the Credentials committee.
  • Walking/running in a walk/run.
  • Participating in a day of awareness.
  • Performing in a community drama play, orchestra, band, choir, or chorus etc.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

- Mahatma Gandhi