The Mission of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary to the Blind is to encourage and inspire a lifetime commitment of volunteer service in young women. The Auxiliary honors qualified candidates with the Joan of Arc Medallion while raising funds for the visually impaired.

Volunteer to Serve as A Sponsor

St. Lucy's Auxiliary Medallion BallFor the 2016 Medallion Ball (registration beginning May 2013), all Junior Medallion participants must be sponsored by a member of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary.

The member must have been a member in good standing for the preceding 5 years to sponsor a Junior Medallion candidate.

As defined by the St. Lucy Auxiliary Bylaws, Article 3, Section 1, “Active Membership” is defined as {one} “who is interested in the welfare of the Auxiliary, attends its meetings, serves on any committee of the organization or its projects, or renders support of the Auxiliary through contributions”.

Volunteer to Serve as a Sponsor

Download: Volunteer to Serve as a Sponsor for Girls with No Sponsor

Responsibilities of a Sponsor include:

Act as a liaison between the Junior Medallion and the Auxiliary, including annual follow-up to fulfill the 25 hour per year minimum volunteer recommendation; Encourage active participation by the Junior Medallion’s mother or guardian in the Auxiliary;

Although there is not a set limit to the number of candidates that a member shall sponsor, Sponsorship implies that the member has an active interest in the success of the Junior Medallion Candidate in their pursuit of fulfilling the requirements to be awarded the St. Joan of Arc Medallion as presented at the Medallion Ball.

Members may sponsor their daughters.

Please review Medallion Credentials requirements for further information on the Junior Medallion Candidate requirements.