The Hanna's at the Medallion Ball

Our Mission

To encourage and inspire a lifetime commitment of volunteer service in young women. The Auxiliary honors qualified candidates with the Joan of Arc Medallion while raising funds for the visually impaired.

St. Lucy’s Auxiliary

St. Lucy’s Auxiliary is a volunteer organization founded in 1957 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the vision to instill the importance of service-to-others in young women and to recognize them for their efforts.

St. Lucy is the patron saint to the blind, so it was decided that the funds raised at the time would benefit the visually impaired. These funds were – and still are today – raised through fundraising events throughout the year, the highlight of which is the annual Medallion Ball. The Ball recognizes the young women for completing a required amount of volunteer hours in the community during their high school years.

Junior Medallion Program

Beginning May of their eighth grade, this program mentors and supports young women in their desire to become useful volunteers while making the experience enjoyable and preparing them for the Medallion Ball.

The Medallion Ball

Sponsored annually by St. Lucy’s Auxiliary since 1964, the Medallion Ball celebrates and honors the young ladies who have completed the junior medallion program successfully by making valuable contributions to their community through their unselfish efforts in performing volunteer service. They are awarded the Joan of Arc Medallion by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese.


Members are women who are interested in the welfare of the Auxiliary, attend its meetings, serve on committees or projects of the organization or provides support to the Auxiliary through contributions.