We welcome your membership and currently have members all over the world from Pittsburgh to Hawaii to London! St. Lucy’s Auxiliary is the patron saint to the blind, therefore, the monies raised by our Auxiliary benefit the visually-impaired.

Our annual dues are $50 and entitle you to invitations to our fabulous yearly functions, such as our Vision of Hope Luncheon, our four meetings held at beautiful locations and the magical Medallion Ball, the ability to vote at meetings, the president’s letter to keep you current on the Auxiliary and a listing of members.

We hope that you will join a committee to learn more about St. Lucy’s Auxiliary and meet our members.

Current Members

Annual membership dues are due each March 1. You will receive a dues renewal form in the mail. You may make any changes on that form and submit it with your check or you may renew your annual dues online.

Alternatively, you may print the Membership Application and mail the completed form with a check.

New Members

Complete a Membership Application online. Alternatively, you may print the paper Membership Application and mail the completed form with a check.

Membership/Directory Inquiries

To make changes to Directory Listing, please email: saintlucysauxiliary@gmail.com