Reservations for the 2022 Medallion Ball are now closed. If you have additional questions please email

I would like to purchase a Joan of Arc table (first row tables that line the dance floor), how can I be guaranteed to get one?
Unfortunately there are a limited number of Joan of Arc tables available.  If you wish to purchase one, please get your reservation in early.  Requests will be taken on a first come first serve basis.  Also please make sure you include payment for the entire table.  If your request is received without payment for the entire table we cannot assign you to a Joan of Arc until the full payment is received.  
Can I get a table of 12?  Do I have to pay extra?
There are a limited number of tables of 12 available at all table levels.  Please note this request on the reservation. If we cannot honor this request we will contact you.
Do you send out a confirmation about my rsvp?
We will only contact you if your request for a Joan of Arc or table of 12 cannot be filled.   Those tables are first come, first served so please get your requests in early.
Will my daughter and her escort sit with us?
No, you do not need to purchase a seat for your daughter and her escort.   The cost of her seat and her escort’s is included in her registration fee which has already been paid.  They will both be seated with other Medallion girls and their escorts.
I am a vegetarian/have food allergies/have a special diet.  Can you help me?
Yes, please note your request on the reservation.
I need to sit close an exit.  Is this possible?
Yes, please note your request on the reservation.
Can my grandmother/elderly family member/disabled person be seated in the ballroom before the doors open for others? Yes, please indicate this in the comments setion on the reservations form. Also, let us know when you check in for your table and we will assist you with this request.
Do I have to invite my daughter’s escort’s parents?
This is completely your decision.  Some people do, but if you do you not know the escort’s parents well, it is not necessary.
If I have eight in my party, does that give me a whole table?  Will I have to share my table with others?
You will probably have two other guests at your table whom you may not know.
How will I know where I am supposed to sit? 
When you arrive at the ball you will check in at the reservation table and we will give you your table number.
Can I have a table near my friend’s table?  What do I need to do to let you know?
We will try to honor these requests but can not guarantee we can meet all requests. Please indicate your request on your reservations, providing the names of your friends.
Do we all receive tax deduction letters if we send in separate checks?
What are the different ticket prices?
There are three levels of ticket prices:
$400 – Joan of Arc (Must be purchased in a table of 10)
$300 – Gold (Preferred Seating)
$255 – Silver

Can I add a guest the night of the ball?
The cut off date for any changes to your reservation is the Friday before the ball, November 18th.  Unfortunately we cannot accept any changes after this date, including the night of the ball.