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The Registration Process


The Junior Medallion Program supports young women in their desire to become useful volunteers while making the experience enjoyable from June of their eighth-grade year through November of their senior year. St. Lucy’s Auxiliary does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color or creed.

The Registration process for the Junior Medallion Program officially begins on May 1st of a potential candidate’s eighth-grade year. The “Request for Invitation” form will be available on this website at a predetermined time that will be communicated through this website. This form should be completed according to instructions on the form and returned immediately as our program fills very quickly. Please contact with any questions.


When an applicant is accepted, she will receive an invitation with a reply card, approximately 6-8 weeks after we have received the “Request for Invitation”. To become a fully registered in the Junior Medallion Program, the candidate’s mother or female guardian must be a member of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary and the reply card must be returned by the indicated date along with the registration fee.

Mothers or female guardians of Junior Medallion Candidates are required to become members of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary at the time of their daughter’s acceptance. They must remain members until presentation at the Ball in November of the Medallion girl’s senior year. To join, please visit the Membership page and look for the Member Application Form on that page. The annual dues are $50 and we are honored to have you as a member!

The Junior Medallion Program Requirements

To be eligible for the Medallion Ball and to receive the St. Joan of Arc Medallion, the young woman must contribute a minimum of 150 hours of acceptable volunteer service over a three-year period. The Junior Medallion Candidate is to set a goal of 50 hours per year beginning June 1st after her eighth grade year and ending on May 1st of her junior year of high school. The volunteer service director of the agencies or organizations she serves must document these hours.

The Junior Medallion Candidate is required to submit her hours to the Credentials Committee to ensure that she is fulfilling the minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service per year in order to attain the 150 total required hours of service. The Credentials Committee will contact her when it is time to submit these hours.

In accepting this honor, the candidate must be willing to participate fully in the program and her mother or female guardian must remain a member of St. Lucy’s Auxiliary for the duration of the program. No awards will be presented in absentia.

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