The Hanna's at the Medallion Ball

Acceptable & Unacceptable Types of Volunteer Service

Type of Service




  • Candy striper at a hospital.
  • Helping at a community library.
  • Serving in a nursing home.
  • Volunteering with a non-profit organization or CBO (Community Benefit Organization) that serves the underprivileged, a group or a need e.g. National Pancreas Foundation, Autism Speaks, etc.
  • Volunteering at BVRS
  • Any service performed for compensation.
  • Cutting grass, weeding, shoveling snow etc. unless supervised by a group or organization.
  • Volunteering to foster or adopt a pet.
  • Serving St. Lucy’s Auxiliary because volunteers must be members of the Auxiliary; Junior Medallion Candidates are not members.


  • Community service that takes place after school and is not required for school, clubs or an organization.
  • Volunteer peer tutoring after school.
  • Coaching/assisting/training athletes after school.
  • All required community service for commitments or organizations such as band, orchestra, chorus, drama, student council, and graduation, National Honor Society etc.
  • All community service that takes place during school.
  • Coaching/assisting/training athletes at a private club e.g. swim club, racquet club or country club.


  • Participation in any part of the weekly religious service e.g. altar servers, cantors, readers, etc. Serving as a teacher/helper/aide for religious education classes
  • Helping with church sponsored community activities such as food or clothing drives, etc.
  • Mission trips/work camps are limited to 40 hours per week or service


  • Driving senior citizens to polls to vote.
  • Volunteering/working for a political campaign.


  • Service to a non-profit agency or for profit CBO (Community Benefit Organization) e.g. American Heart Association, National Kidney Foundation etc.
  • Counselor at camps that serve the underprivileged, handicapped, or needy in the community e.g. YMCA Camps, The Woodlands Foundation, Girl Scout Camps Note: When in doubt, please get prior approval from the Credentials committee.
  • Helping at a fundraising walk/run.
  • Coaching/training athletes enrolled in community youth league sports.
  • Working for a profit making business, unless it is a CBO, (Community Benefit Organization), which serves the community.
  • Counselor at camps that do not serve the underprivileged, handicapped, or needy e.g. private camps or some camps held at private schools. Note: When in doubt, please get prior approval from the Credentials committee.
  • Walking/running in a walk/run.
  • Participating in a day of awareness.
  • Performing in a community drama play, orchestra, band, choir, or chorus etc.